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“blessed_splashmountain” 1/9/2019

credit: u/cownickel on reddit

Everyone loves a good fighting game, from Street Fighter to Super Smash Bros, but some people choose to take their dedication to the game to the extreme. This picture shows a group of 4 dedicated fans of the game Super Smash Bros: Melee, playing the game on the Splash Mountain ride. This picture really does paint 1000 words, which is why it deserves to be blessed.

“blessed_capsules” 1/8/2019

credit: Alan Wagner on Facebook and u/TONYSTARK-ROCKS on reddit.

On July 6th of 2018, the internet would be blessed with a product called “Wallace’s Capsules” thanks to the Facebook user/comedian Alan Wagner. This image uses it’s comedic and unprofessional writing to capture the eye of the person viewing this item. With sentences that say “A great way to grow several of me in your home.” and “I understand if you don’t want to buy it.” Rather than leaving the viewer with confusion and sometimes even horror, it allows the viewer to have a wholesome feeling.